Ste na arhivskih straneh, ki se od januarja 2021 ne osvežujejo oziroma dopolnjujejo več. Za veljavno vsebino obiščite
Student Hall of Residence Ljubljana | Golden rules of residence

Golden rules of residence

You are here

  • If you open it – close it.
  • If you unlock it – lock it.
  • If you switch it on – switch it off.
  • If it’s not yours – leave it alone.
  • If you break it – fix it.
  • If you can’t, call the keeper.
  • If you borrow it – return it.
  • If you make a mess – tidy it up.
  • If you soil it – clean it.
  • If it’s none of your business, let it go.
  • If something’s wrong – talk to someone.
  • If you insult – apologise.
  • If you’re sad – remember that tomorrow's a new day.
  • If you’re happy – share your joy with others.

Do not forget that you're an equal among equals.
And do not forget that you came to Ljubljana to study.