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Terms of use and legal restrictions

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Pursuant to the Copyright and Related Rights Act Študentski dom Ljubljana (hereinafter Institute) is the holder of material copyright for all content published on the website in the widest sense possible (texts, photographs, , audio-video recordings, etc.).

This means that any copying, transcribing, reproduction and dissemination for marketing purposes is prohibited without a written consent of the Institute.

In accordance with the law (Copyright and Related Rights Act, Articles 48, 49, 51) use or reproduction of copyrighted work is allowed based on the right of the public to be informed, for education purposes and in order to illustrate, confront or refer to in form of a quotation, however, the source and author of the work should always be stated. The Copyright and Related Rights Act (Article 50) also permits the use and reproduction of copyrighted work in a limited number of copies for personal, non-commercial use.

Liability of the Institute

The Institute in good faith and within its capabilities undertakes to ensure that the content published at its website is correct and up to date, however, it does not exclude that certain errors might occur in the published content. Information sent via this website may only be used for information purposes as the Institute cannot be liable for their absolute accuracy and possible damage or loss of profit or non-material damage the user could suffer as a result of the use of this website or inability or dysfunction in the use of the website.

We hold the right to change the content of these websites at any time, in any manner and for whatever reason. We are not liable for any consequence of such changes.

Prohibited use

You agree not to use the website: (a) in a manner in which you will violate any local, regional, national, foreign or international by-laws, regulations, rules, decrees, agreements and other acts (together referred as “the Law”) (b) to stalk, harass or in a manner that would hurt another individual; (c) to impersonate any individual or legal entity or another false representation of your connection with an individual or legal entity; or (d) to interfere or disrupt websites of the Institute or servers or networks connected with the websites. In addition to this you also agree, (x) that you will not use data mining, robots or similar types of data collection or extraction in connection to the websites; or (y) attempt to acquire unauthorised access to any part of the website or other computer systems or networks connected with the websites by breaking into the computer system, collecting passwords or in any other way.

Links to websites of third parties

Links on the websites of the Institute to websites of third parties are only provided to you as a benefit. If you use the links, you will leave the websites of the Institute. The Institute is not obligated to review websites of these third parties, does not monitor them and takes no responsibility for them (or for products, services or content available at their websites). The Institute does not approve and provides no assurance for websites of third parties or for any information, products, services or material at such websites, or results you could get by using them. If you decide to access any third party website from the website of the Institute, you do so at your own risk.

Links to this website

The Institute is not liable for the form and content of the website which is in any way connected to the website The liability of the Institute is excluded for all cases of visiting and using websites.


Slovenian legislation shall apply for any use of the Website. The court in Ljubljana is competent for resolution of any possible dispute.

By using the website the user confirms that he/she accepted the conditions described herein and agrees with them.