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Student Hall of Residence Ljubljana | The Right to Residence for Foreign Students

The Right to Residence for Foreign Students

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On the basis of the Rules on Subsidised Student Residence (Uradni list RS (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia), Nos. 22/01, 35/06, 75/08 and 97/10), the right to subsidised residence in public and private student residence halls, secondary school student residence halls and with private providers shall be granted to students who are citizens of the Republic of Slovenia.

Due to the shortage of vacant residential capacities, students who are citizens of the Republic of Slovenia and fulfil other conditions for subsidised residence on the basis of the mentioned Rules wait to move in according to the priority list or waiting list.

Foreign students have a possibility to reside in some secondary school student residence halls with vacant capacities.

As regards the potential vacant capacities for non-subsidised residence of foreign students in secondary school student residence halls, individual secondary school student residence halls are addressed by individual faculties hosting foreign students (e.g. Secondary School Student Hall of Residence Vič, Gerbičeva 52a, 1000 Ljubljana, website:

Foreign students may obtain the information about renting rooms from private providers at ŠOUINFO Point, Trubarjeva 7, 1000 Ljubljana, tel.: 051 373 999 or 080 9867 (free service of accommodation provision on website:

Nevertheless, the Republic of Slovenia managed to provide the possibility of residence for some foreign students:

Regulations on tuition fees and accommodation in students' dormitories for Slovene nationals without Slovene citizenship and foreigners in the Republic of Slovenia

1. for exchange students receiving scholarships under CEEPUS and bilateral schemes
Students  can find all information about the exchange programmes at
CMEPIUS, Ob železnici 30a,
SI-1000 Ljubljana
Tel.: +386/0/ 1 620 94 59

2. for Slovenian nationals without Slovenian citizenship who receive scholarship from the public fund under the programme of scholarships for Slovenians living abroad
Public Fund of the Republic of Slovenia for the development of personnel and granting scholarships
Dunajska 22, SI-1000 Ljubljana,
Tel.: +386 /0/ 1 434 10 80
Office hours: from 9 to 12 each working day, plus from 14 to 16 on Wednesdays

3. EU exchange programmes - Erasmus
University of Ljubljana, International Office:
Tel.: +386 /0/ 1 241 85 92

4. For the reasons described above, private foreign students unfortunately do not have a possibility to stay in the Students Halls of Residence.