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Student Hall of Residence Ljubljana | Private providers who rent rooms to students

Private providers who rent rooms to students

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It is a governmental non-profit project intended to contribute to the reduction of private room rents for students as these rents are too high in Ljubljana. Apartments must be located in the vicinity of faculties.

Subsidies are granted to students while private providers are obliged to fulfil the conditions of accommodation determined by the public call. A three-partite contract shall be signed granting 40,00 EUR of subsidy for rents ranging from 60,00 to 120,00 EUR.  Costs shall not be included.

The public call shall set the conditions for the accommodation of natural persons on up to 6 beds per provider. These conditions include the orderliness and arrangement of the residential environment, heating and maintenance of order and cleanliness in ancillary rooms. Tenants must respect the house rules, especially in multi-storey dwellings.

2.250 subsidies are available.